Top reasons to train with us

Our members tell us we are the best school in West Lothian.

Here is a selection of areas that have received consistent positive feedback from our members, and areas that we think sets us apart from the competition.

The best opportunities

Personal development is one of our top priorities: we want you to be the best you can be. Learning from others is one of the best ways to excel in wrestling.

School-hosted seminars

Through our great relationships with other promotions throughout Scotland and the UK, we get fantastic opportunities to bring in the some of the best wrestlers in the industry. Our trainees have been able to learn from industry veterans including Damian O’Connor, Paul Tracey, Rampage Brown, and Chris Renfrew among others. Pay-monthly trainees get a discount on school-hosted events.

Check out our Seminars page for upcoming appearances.

One to one training

Our experienced trainers offer one to one training sessions, where you can receive training/coaching tailored to you. Trainees frequently take advantage of this to further their wrestling performance and match psychology.

One to one sessions should be booked in advance with your preferred trainer, at a time that suits both. While tailored sessions are best one to one, we are still happy to accommodate more extra participants.

Central location

Our training facility is a short walk from a well-serviced bus stop, with links to the rest of Livingston and surrounding areas. A 15 minute walk to Livingston North Rail Station has frequent services from east, west and central Scotland. Car parking is available in the estate, but we remind trainees to be considerate to other tenants when parking up.

Private training facilities

The training school has sole access to a serviced unit. The unit is well lit, has a high roof and a nice breakout area for trainees to get changed in. Our 16ft wrestling ring is the centrepiece of the unit, with a high quality mat and padding.

Check out our facilities page

We have a dedicated page for more details on our training facility.

Check it out!

Open environment

Our trainees have a various mix of backgrounds and interests, and we all work great as a team. A lot of our trainees have formed close friendships through the training school, and we have frequent social outings in local venues. The training school has a policy of inclusion: we don’t care about your origins or preferences. Everyone is treated equally.

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