Reckless Intent 3

Reckless Intent 3

Get your tickets in advance for Reckless Intent 3 to get access to an exclusive Pre Show Match.

Doors for advanced ticket holders will open at 6pm and the Pre Show will take place at 6.30pm

Announced so far for Reckless Intent 3

Reckless Intent World Title – Scott Renwick v Mikey

Reckless Intent UK Title – Darren Lewis v Chris Renfrew

Rawlins v Joe Hendry

Saint George v ??? – Bobby Roberts picks his opponent

Bobby Roberts v ??? – Saint George picks his opponent

Venym and Chris Echo v Jackie Grady and The Westler

Pre Show –
Mystery Doors Match –
JJ Russell, AJ Russell, Craig Valant, Sam Crowe (Sons of Silence), Davidian Fury